Date of Birth: December 06, 1984 • Died: April 12, 1999
Full Dentition/Scissors Bite
Blue Merle Female • Spayed
Eyes Cleared yearly
Height: 19 inches
OFA Rating: Fair (AS-4488F61F)

And oh, how Ninja could dance!!! She had the craziest wiggle dance: turn her body into a "C" shape, vibrate her butt, and skip/hop forwards and backwards. Ninja was supposed to have been my first breed ring dog but her aptitude for search and rescue work put that behind her. She was a true working dog at heart. She was qualified for backcountry rescue, water retrieval and building searches. She was also a trickster from the get go. Her philosophy on fences was that they were there to be crossed. Ninja would NEVER greet anyone without a toy in her mouth, it just wasn't proper to her way of thinking. She was also a wonderful brood bitch even if she did insist on whelping standing up! Primarily an outside dog in her youth, in the winters (in Idaho) she usually invited all of the feral cats into her dog house to sleep over. When she was her happiest, she would zoom around and do "doughnuts" in whatever space she could find and heaven help the coffee table!!! Happy, she greeted each day as a new adventure (and it frequently was with her around!!!)


CH Briarbrooks Center Ring CH Fieldmasters Three Ring Circus CH Fieldmaster of Flintridge
Whispering Pine of Flintridge
CH Patch-work Quilt CH Little Abner of Flintridge
CH Briar Patch of Bonnie-Blu
CH Brightwoods Cover Girl CD CH Super Star of Windermere CD CH Suns Mark of Windermere CD
West Winds Miss Moonglow CD ATDds
CH Briarbrooks Jessie Colter CH Fieldmaster of Flintridge
Fieldmasters Graffiti


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